Fadak Ghadr Taksa Investment Company is established on July 9, 2011 to manage a number of companies which operated in different fields of activities by cooperation of 3 companies by the name of Fadak Kosar Toos, Ghadr Investment Company and Taksa Trade Development Group.

Having followed its strategic plans,Fadak Ghadr Taksa Investment Company is determined to carefully monitor investment opportunities,create wealth, enhance its assets and raise funds for the purpose of investing in new sectors, while safeguarding the interests of its shareholders and to make a positive impact on Iran’s economy.We try to achieve our goals by adding value in these sectors:

Electric Energy (Small scale power plants, CHP & CCHP Plants, Renewable Energies)

Agricultural Industry (Agriculture & Animal husbandry , Research & Development in Agriculture,…)



Civil Engineering

Petrochemical Products

Industrial Metallurgy and Boilers


Company’s “Trade Department” established to support trade of commodities and services produced in subsidiaries companies with the aim of developing and to be more effective. Having experts and specialist staffs with higher education and dealing honestly with internal and external business partners, this department has managed to satisfy its customers and is ready to cooperate with other companies.

The Department is active in the following areas:

-Contribution to and support for import,export and distribution of goods and services.

-The action in partnership with national and foreign companies in framework of company objectives.

-Participate in tenders and contracts with all organizations,ministries and public and private companies, both domestic and foreign.

-Giving advice on all matters of domestic and foreign trade.

-Establish branches at home and abroad and agency acceptance from other domestic and foreign companies.

-Giving required business services to subsidiaries.

-Creating an effective trade pole in the country.

-Trying to reach good profitability within the company goals.

-Creating new economic and trade opportunities.